Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've decided that the best way to make a statement is to be bold. So, while it's always my goal to make all my clients say "WOW" when they see their's also extremely important when meeting prospective clients. So, for that reason, I had designer Brittany make me a new business card. It's not regular business card sized but skinnier. I'm attaching the front and me what you think!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What Makes Me Happy - Part 2

It's the second week in a row that I've blogged about WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY! Expect these every Friday!

As a photographer, I enjoy when clients RAVE about their images. I love it even more when they buy big prints to hang on their walls. Sydney & CK were married in October 2010 and ordered these two 20x24 prints.

The bigger the better in my opinion...these are going to look great on their walls!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Gallery Pieces

We're getting closer to finally having the gallery redesigned!

Our center piece above the famous red leather couch consists of 5 print wraps of the Stanton family. They were photographed this past Autumn in Gunn Park here in Fort Scott.

The coolest thing about the print wraps is how they FLOAT off the wall for a cool 3D effect. And they are cheaper than buying a framed print!

To the right of the Stanton's are the Gulagers (related by the way!) in a "Collection."

An up-close look at one of our Collections.

Soon our WEDDING wall will be done...will one of your photos be printed big for the whole world to see?

Friday, March 4, 2011

What Makes Me Happy

It's my goal to start blogging every Friday about things that make me happy. This is the FIRST EVER of those blog posts.

I combined two things that make me smile each and every day: my daughter Blair Harvi and my Blackberry. My wife (and sister, mother, grandma, long lost aunt, you get the picture) will kill me if she thinks I put them both on the same level of importance. THEY ARE NOT! Just so happens that Blackberry (which, by the way, runs my life thanks to its amazing calendar) released a new software (YIPPEE) and I did 7 month portraits of my little Tater (her nickname) all in the same week so I saved space by including the two things in one image. BLOG POST EFFICIENCY ALERT!!!

Adele's album is legit. So much so that if you stop by Captured Images, it's likely you will hear it blasting before you walk through the front door.

It's possible that nobody knows how much I love toast and jam. Not my mom. Not my sister and certainly probably not my wife. My father-in-law might but it's doubtful... Anyway, great client Tracey brought her little guy, Christian, in for 6 year old portraits. She loved the images so much she wrote a beautiful letter:

"Thanks for being so creative! Those of us who aren't really appreciate people like you! And thanks also for taking time to understand your subject. You make each of your customers feel special, that's a true gift. Captured Images is a great asset to our community but, speaking personally, you've given me some very cherished memories I can look at every single day!"

AND she brought us homemade jams...WOW!

It's been a long time coming but the studio gallery is finally starting to come together and that makes me UBER HAPPY! This is the Gulager family showcased in what we call a "collection" and we have several options available at a very amazing price!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dumb Dad!

I was a bit overzealous last night when doing my daughter's 7 month photos. She was smiling and I was trying to keep her attention on the camera, which was on the studio tripod. I "thought" it was aimed directly at her....boy was I wrong. This is evidence of one of the many errors I have made. Luckily she kept the smiles up and I got a shot (or 20) of her beautiful little dimples.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Could They Get Any Cuter?

Winter usually brings LOTS of kids and babies to the studio. This year has brought us quite a few cute little ones, especially in the month of February!

First up we have Ceci & Joseph, siblings from Olathe, KS. Joseph is 7 months old and Ceci is a master dancer!

Above are Lincoln, Vaughn & Ainsley, a beautiful trio. This is probably my favorite image of 2011 so far!