Monday, September 20, 2010

I've Been A Busy Dude Lately!

Many apologies for the crappy blog posting as of late. It's a good problem to have, being busy and all. But I miss writing and sharing my photos. Here are a few teasers!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Delynn - Field of Crosses

A friend told me about this magical field of crosses several months ago. Before I saw it, I envisioned Celtic crosses in a weedy field. After I visited this field it was evident that photographing a model near the crosses would be incredibly difficult because of the problems with the light - the light would only have worked 10-15 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset (not an optimal time to photograph a senior!).

So instead I thought it would be cool to add lots of textures and do some design work on the images to help them come together (Thanks to designer Brittany for that work!).

Delynn's mom actually requested that we go here and I was quick to oblige. Getting to the crosses takes about an hour from Fort Scott so I didn't want to waste my time with just anyone and Delynn seemed to be the perfect fit! We had a great time and I love the images! Enjoy!