Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Thursday, not Friday...just saying...

So I feel random today. My grooveshark playlist looks like this...

And my Blackberry is BLOWING up with emails and messages...yes...I love that sound. It's like, well, music to my ears.

There are 4 mints on my desk. I've had to go purchase them at Wal-Mart myself since Sonic discontinued using quality peppermints. Travesty if you ask me...dang it...just dropped one on the nasty carpet. Crap!

Okay..so you want to see a photo of something cool? How about a VIDEO of something cool? This is video of my little girl kissing her favorite person in the whole world! I couldn't ask for anything better...she amazes me...I love her!

Friday, July 8, 2011

She's Walking!!!

Sort of. Really, she is. It's just not FULL-ON walking...ya know, the kind where we turn our heads and then look back and she's gone. It's more of a "Dada pick me up kinda thing" where we have to help her to her feet and then she wobbles a few feet and then BAM!!!...face first into the floor. Not good enough to be considered a pro but better than some drunks can pull off....

My new goal is to have her fully walking in 21 days - her 1 year birthday. Think we can pull it off??? We shall see....stay tuned!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Outtakes - Casey & Travis - Kansas Wedding Photography

Weddings just happen to be one of life's biggest events. So it's important to catch all of those "big" and "important" moments. So I've included a few of those not so "big" and "important" moments...something only a few people see. Above you might think Casey is just sniffing her hand. Instead, she's trying to cover her laughter after having her butt grabbed.

Above you might think Travis is sniffing his buddy's arm pit. Instead, his buddy is just helping him put on his tie...

Ok ok ok...now for a few of the images they REALLY do want to see....

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Look of Love - Kansas Wedding Photography

There's a reason I enjoy photographing weddings.

It's fun to be a small part of something they plan on holding on to forever. It's an amazing feeling to see the look in a couple's eyes when they say their vows to each other and then dance the first dance, shove cake in each others faces and then forget the rest of the world as they enjoy the company of each other and their guests.

Traci & Jason were no different than what I expected...in love with each other and with life.

field of flowers.jpg.jpg

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