Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Alex, Gary and Knopp show

I was super impressed with Mr. Knopp. Only a sophomore...he has a knack for scoring and rebounding. Can't wait to follow his career the next few seasons!
Another young guy, Gary Floyd, has a beautiful finger roll and an uncanny ability for steals. I enjoy watching him play almost as much as I do Alex Barner.

Mr. Barner, please dunk the ball before the end of the season so I might witness greatness!!!

Enjoy the show...

Jolee & KP dominate!

A few favorite images from Fort Scott's win over Iola.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Colors of Fall Photo Show - December 2008

In Teton's Shadows
Hidden Falls - 2

First Light on Antelope Flats

Gentle Giant

Ducks on Oxbow Bend
Our Colors of Fall Show was a HUGE success! So here's a big thank you to everyone who came and purchased prints. All of the prints in this blog were hugely popular. Something weird happened....the images I thought would be big sellers did fair and the ones I thought wouldn't sell at all sold GREAT!!! Goes to show how much I know......
Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congrats Number 2!

Lindsey with her bridesmaids, getting all the attention just like she should!
I enjoy this moment of a wedding more than anything else. The moment the groom gets to look his bride in the eye...if he doesn't smile it's time for the father of the bride to whack him. Mark and Lindsey were obviously in was evident all day long. A great couple!

I had the great honor of assisting at and shooting the wedding of one of my best high school friends this past weekend. Lindsey (George) Huseman, whom I refered to as my "number 2 girl" for many years (it's an inside joke) married Mark, a pretty cool dude, in our hometown. Here are a few images I shot during the wedding.